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Ankle Surgery

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Ankle surgery procedures at Florida Hospital differ depending on the patient’s individual needs. Our ankle replacement procedure provides specialized prosthetic parts to reconstruct the ankle and improve function. Other patients may benefit from ankle fusion surgery. Florida Hospital’s patients have access to some of the world’s top ankle specialists. We are dedicated to providing the most advanced procedures through upgraded technology and breakthrough medical care. See if our minimally invasive procedures are options for your treatment. Request an appointment today.

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Once the ankle is damaged from injury, infection, arthritis or other joint complications, ankle surgery may be necessary to restore function of the joint. Surgeons may replace individual bones or the entire joint using prosthetic parts.

While many procedures, such as ankle fusion surgery may be used to repair or replace the ankle during ankle surgery, ankle replacement surgery (ankle arthroplasty) may be performed using minimally invasive techniques. These advanced techniques require smaller incisions to reduce pain, recovery time and scarring.

Florida Hospital is dedicated to proving minimally invasive ankle surgery procedures performed by some of the world’s top specialists. For qualified patients, these less painful, less traumatizing surgeries may be better treatment options. See if you are a candidate. Request an appointment online today.

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