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Alzheimer's Disease

Symptoms and Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

The Alzheimer’s Association lists a number of signs of Alzheimer’s disease; however, symptoms appear and affect people differently.

Memory loss, particularly short-term, that affects the ability to perform familiar tasks is a typical symptom of AD. It may begin with an occasional memory lapse that also occurs naturally with age as mild cognitive impairment.

Common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include:

  • disorientation in time and location
  • misinterpreting spatial relationships
  • impaired speech
  • impaired writing
  • impaired thinking and judgment
  • changes in personality and behavior
  • loss of initiative

As the disease progresses, more severe symptoms of AD appear such as changes in sleep patterns, delusions and hallucinations. In later stages, patients may become unable to recognize people they know, even their spouse or child and others closest to them. They will not understand someone speaking to them and will not be able to eat, dress or bathe themselves. 

Locations for Alzheimer's Disease