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Alzheimer's Disease

Research and Clinical Trials for Alzheimer's Disease

For years, medical science has conducted intensive research into Alzheimer’s disease (AD). These studies reveal much about the disease, but neuroscientists seek to know more about its exact causes and nature. Clinical trials on Alzheimer’s disease examine genetic relationships, and look into how diet and environment factor in as risks. Mounting evidence suggests that high blood pressure and cholesterol related to heart disease and stroke also increase the risk for AD – research that shows lifestyle choices play a role.

Other clinical trials on AD show promise on the benefits of some drug therapies to slow the rate of progression, and examine their ability to relieve symptoms and manage behavior. While proper nutrition helps support brain health, so far Alzheimer’s research provides no direct evidence that supplements such as vitamin E and ginkgo biloba help prevent or slow the disease after onset.

The Florida Hospital Neuroscience Institute advances treatment through clinical trials on neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. Participation offers patients treatment options in addition to those in standard practice.

Locations for Alzheimer's Disease