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Alzheimer's Disease

Conditions Related to Alzheimer's Disease

There are a number of related conditions of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), some of them thought to be risk factors of the disease.

Aging is the most typical related condition of AD, as it primarily strikes people age 65 and older. Beyond age 65, the number of people with AD doubles every five years.

Heart disease and stroke may also be related conditions of Alzheimer’s disease as mounting evidence suggests they share the same risk factors of obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Depression and sleeplessness relate to AD as possible symptoms. An inactive, sedentary lifestyle with low mental stimulation and little social engagement also seem to play a role.

As Alzheimer’s disease affects everyone around the patient, problems that affect the caregiver should not be overlooked. Stress, worry and depression are all related conditions of Alzheimer’s disease that affect the caregiver.

Locations for Alzheimer's Disease