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Sports Medicine

Golf Fore Life

A Pain-Free Approach to Your Game

Proficient golfers have better strength, mobility and balance. The Spine Health Institute’s Golf Fore Life program uses a strategic, specialized approach to assess physical limitations that can hinder optimal performance. Each golfer is screened by a Titleist Performance Institute certified expert and a Florida Hospital Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist trained in the body mechanics of golfers.

Our team utilizes the latest cutting-edge golf technology to provide immediate visual feedback. An individualized golf fitness program will then be developed to improve your handicap and maximize your power, control and flexibility. You will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with our sports medicine specialists to help, identify and correct problematic areas that could be impacting your swing mechanics.

Once your specific needs are identified and treated, your ability to execute a proper golf swing should come with greater ease, leading to more distance and control.

Our Program

Bad shots can be caused by poor golf posture, improper weight shift and poor balance. Your power is obtained through a strong hip and shoulder rotation throughout your swing.

Our 12-point golf-specific screening includes an assessment of:

  • Posture at address and back swing
  • Joint motions at the hip, knee and elbow
  • Stability and positioning at finish
  • Spine flexibility
  • Core muscle strength

Our certified experts will assess every phase of your swing, from address to finish. By identifying problematic areas through measurements and visual analysis, we will help you gain distance and control by doing the following:

  • Maximizing the energy transfer in your swing
  • Controlling balance and weight shift through your swing
  • Performing consistent body mechanics
  • Preventing injuries
  • Achieving the proper pattern of mobility and stability sequencing throughout the swing


Eagle Package

  • Golf swing analysis and functional movement screen 
  • Individualized golf fitness program prescription


After completing the golf swing analysis and functional movement screen, you will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a golf- specialized physical therapist to correct areas that have been identified as problematic. Your program will be completely individualized to meet your specific needs as outlined through your previous assessments. The cost of this program will be based on the number of visits with the therapist, as well as the specific programs in which you take part. This package allows you to enjoy the absolute best the Golf Fore Life program has to offer.

To schedule your assessment or to learn more about the program, call (407) 303-3451