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For Physicians

Florida Hospital Altamonte’s Heartburn and Reflux Center is an open-access lab. Any physician (GI, ENT, Pulmonary, etc.) can order studies. Studies are performed by highly trained and skilled nurses. Dr. Irteza Inayat interprets the study results, unless the referring physician prefers to do so.  Once interpreted, a report is prepared and faxed within three-to-five business days. A final report with a tracing is also mailed to the ordering physician.

As a physician, you may find the tests we offer (listed below) useful in diagnosing and managing GERD, dysphagia, intestinal pseudo-obstruction, or assessing esophageal motility prior to or after surgery.

Our testing capability has improved dramatically and patients can now be studied on or off acid suppressive medications and with or without nasal catheters.

Studies offered include:

  • Impedance-pH monitoring on acid-suppressive medications can demonstrate non-acid reflux. 
  • Catheter-free pH monitoring (BRAVO) can demonstrate the degree and quantity of esophageal reflux in a 48-hour period without the discomfort of a catheter placed in the nose.
  • Ambulatory pH monitoring can demonstrate the degree of reflux in multiple locations in the esophagus using a nasal catheter in a 24-hour period.
  • High-resolution esophageal manometry will reveal esophageal motility disorders such as achalasia or impaired esophageal clearance. 

To refer a patient to our center, contact Dianne Duncan at (407) 303-2689.