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For more than 100 years, Florida Hospital has been dedicated to extending the healing ministry of Christ to those in Central Florida and around the world. We strive to stay on the cutting-edge of medical technology to offer patients the most advanced care available. Our programs and services improve the health and wellness of those in our community through preventative screening and life-saving treatments.

Through our research programs, Florida Hospital has had a groundbreaking impact on revolutionizing new strategies and procedures in bone marrow transplants, heart disease treatments and lifestyle medicine. Through cutting-edge technology, our minimally invasive procedures reduce stress, pain and recovery time for patients.

Those who provide generous support for the Florida Hospital Foundation help us provide this high level of care right here in our community. These gifts make it possible to equip our facility with the equipment necessary for highly technical surgical procedures. They support our research, so doctors and scientists can continue to develop better treatments and seek answers. Each donation—large and small—works within the walls of our hospital to build a healthier tomorrow in our community.

As health care technology, programs and innovation expands, donations to the Florida Hospital Foundation are more important than ever. We appreciate every contribution from patients and friends. We are a not-for-profit hospital, so you can feel confident that your donation helps fund the very programs that support the Central Florida community.

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