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Florida Hospital Cancer Institute

Florida Hospital is better equipped than ever for the fight against cancer with advanced, new treatment options and expanded facilities that are closer to home. And ur world-renowned physicians and nurse navigators are also ready to provide exceptional cancer care when you need it most. Look for these additional services at our Altamonte, Celebration and Orlando locations starting in mid-2018 and into 2019.

Florida Hospital Altamonte

TrueBeam Radiation Therapy System

TrueBeam Radiation Therapy System at Florida Hospital AltamonteWith the addition of the new TrueBeam system, we are now able to treat more patients than ever before. This advanced radiation therapy can be used in a wide range of cancer types — including head and neck, lung, breast, prostate and liver — while providing comprehensive, effective and evidence-base care. Additional enhancements include:

  • Optical surface monitoring system (OSMS). TrueBeam System’s new upgrades include surface guided radiation therapy (SGRT) and an optical surface monitoring system (OSMS). This system allows a more precise delivery of radiation doses and monitors the patient’s movement to ensure the treatment targets the cancerous tumor versus the surrounding healthy areas.
  • Prone breast board. This radiation-treatment bed provides a more accurate dosage of radiation and reduces exposure to other nearby organs – especially the heart - in breast patients. The board is also designed to fit the female anatomy to provide better treatment for breast-cancer patients.
  • 64 -Slice CT scanner. This advanced scanner provides physicians and technicians the ability for more precise planning that leads to better outcomes.

Multi-Disciplinary Breast Cancer Clinic

At the new facility, physicians evaluate breast cancer patients in a comprehensive, single-day setting — helping to decrease the time between diagnosis and treatment. During appointments, patients will meet with their care team — including a medical oncologist, breast surgeon and radiation oncologist — who will discuss an appropriate course of treatment and answer any questions. Patients can access all three specialties at one location.

Each patient’s condition is reviewed by our team of experts prior to his/her visit in order to optimize their plan of care. Additional appointments for imaging, labs or ancillary services such as plastic surgery will be discussed with the patient and scheduled as needed. Benefits of our unique, multidisciplinary approach include:

  • Multiple cancer specialists focused on each patient and his/her specific diagnosis.
  • Patients have the opportunity to ask questions about their diagnosis.
  • Patients receive their customized treatment plan during a single visit.
  • Patients receive a same-day consultation with multiple cancer specialists.

Learn more at the Multidiscplinary Breast Cancer Clinic website.

Florida Hospital Celebration Health

Infusion Center

Our new Infusion Suites — opening in September 2018 — will provide advanced chemotherapy and infusion services not previously available at Florida Hospital Celebration Health, with private rooms in a soothing environment. The opening, set for Sept. 5, brings to six the number of Florida Hospital infusion clinics now operating in our region, and provides residents of Celebration and its surrounding communities a convenient, state-of-the-art option for outpatient cancer care. The other infusion center locations are: Orlando, East Orlando, Altamonte, Kissimmee, and Winter Park.

Services offered at Florida Hospital Infusion Centers include chemotherapy, IV therapy and hydration, immune system therapy, blood and blood product transfusions, injections, administration of antibiotics and pain medications, and central-line care and maintenance.

Additional Services Coming Soon

Florida Hospital Celebration continues to grow with new comprehensive cancer services coming in early 2019, positioning the facility as the only one of its kind in the region. These services will provide Osceola County with the expertise of sub-specialized medical oncologists, surgical oncologists and radiation oncologists while providing the latest in cancer-treatment options.

Florida Hospital Orlando

Brachytherapy Expansions

Florida Hospital continues to expand innovative treatment options for patients, such as High Dose Rate MRI-guided Brachytherapy. This advanced therapy delivers focused radiation directly to the tumor, reducing overall exposure to surrounding organs and providing treatment in less time than traditional methods — and can be completed in as little as two visits. This unique technique directly targets radiation to shrink tumors and is sometimes referred to as “internal radiotherapy.” Patient benefits include:

  • Less radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue
  • Less treatment time than traditional radiation therapies — as few as two visits compared to six weeks with traditional treatment
  • Shorter recovery times

Our dedication to these groundbreaking treatments will continue as we expand our brachytherapy center later this year.

To learn more about how we’re expanding our fight against cancer or to schedule an appointment, please contact a nurse navigator at (407)303-1700.