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The Florida Hospital Altamonte Experience

Even during a quick visit to our facility, you’ll notice the difference at Florida Hospital Altamonte. We pride ourselves on providing personalized patient care from expert physicians, nurses and medical professionals. There's no need to travel out of the Altamonte area to get the highest level of care available.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, each patient receives a personalized plan of treatment. Our doctors take the time to explain medications, treatment options, side effects and risks so patients understand as much as possible about their health care. We take time to answer your questions because we understand communication is key. Our team provides the spiritual, emotional and medical support you need to recover and achieve your highest level of wellness.

Some of ways Florida Hospital Altamonte is improving care for our patients include:

  • A nurse leader visits each patient shortly after admission.
  • Patients are introduced to new caretakers as shifts change.
  • Communication is tracked on boards to improve consistency.
  • Patients receive extensive pain control information to improve recovery.
  • Our quiet night services make it easier for troubled sleepers, providing sound machines, warm blankets and more.
  • Partnered Rounding pairs a nurse with each doctor to improve communication.
  • Patients are provided notepads to record questions about care.
  • We instituted hourly rounding to improve staff responsiveness.
  • Before discharge, a case manager visits patients to ensure they have the help necessary.
  • Doctors thoroughly review medications and follow-up instructions, and provide instruction materials with easy-to-read tabs.
  • Our Get Well Soup program provides families dinner for the first night at home so you can focus on recovery instead of preparing a meal.

Along with state-of-the-art techniques and personalized care, our Florida Hospital Altamonte team is dedicated to treating each and every patient with the respect they deserve. We believe that no matter the seriousness of your condition, you deserve the highest level of patient care from skilled nurses and physicians. In fact, as members of one community, we care for patients as if you were a member of our own family.