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Concierge Services

Concierge Services for Patients and Employees

In today’s fast-paced world, life doesn’t stop—even for a medical procedure. Concierge services at Florida Hospital Altamonte help to keep patients and employees connected without interrupting medical procedures. These services are part of our pledge to deliver health care with hospitality, and we believe it may even provide the stress relief necessary to focus on healing.

Concierge Services for Patients

To improve your quality of life while in the hospital and relieve the stress of multitasking from your room, check these tasks off your to-do list by contacting concierge services at Florida Hospital Altamonte: 

  • Purchasing stamps
  • Faxing, photocopying and mailing from the Business Center
  • Finding assistance or support for your visitors
  • Celebrating patient birthdays or anniversaries
  • Requesting a therapeutic pet visit to the hospital room
  • Calling for a taxi or shuttle service
  • Finding hotel information/discount accommodations
  • Accessing items such as reading glasses, newspapers, magazines, puzzles and more.

Concierge Services for Employees

Physicians, nurses and health care professionals at Florida Hospital Altamonte are the most valuable part of our hospital. It’s important to make our work environment as positive as possible so our professionals can focus on treating our patients. We know employees must have a balanced life by excelling at work and personal responsibilities. These concierge services make it easier to balance our employees’ responsibilities:

  • Arranging car detailing/oil change
  • Mail and shipping services
  • Information research
  • Flower ordering service
  • Contacting a taxi or shuttle service
  • Food ordering
  • Dry cleaning/shoe repair

Concierge services are offered at no charge to both patients and employees. You are only required to pay for the third party service charges (for example, dry cleaning services). Unlike hotel concierge service, tips are not required nor accepted. To inquire about these services, simply visit our office in the main lobby, call our office at 407-303-5395 or email us at