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Adrenal Tumors

Treatments for Adrenal Tumors

For most patients diagnosed with adrenal tumors, surgery is used to remove the benign tissue, but when cancerous, adrenal tumors treatments usually include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

After the condition is diagnosed, treating adrenal cancer depends on the stage of the tumor. For stage 1 or stage 2 adrenal cancer, surgical removal of the cancerous tissue is most successful because the tumor has not spread to surrounding tissue and organs. For stage 3 or 4 adrenal cancer, it is much more difficult to remove the cancerous tissue because it has spread to tissue and organs in the body.

After surgery, a combination of chemotherapy and radiation is usually used to kill the remaining cancer cells. Even with successful treatment, the vast majority of patients develop cancer again within the following decade.

One of the most important factors for treating adrenal cancer is early diagnosis. Florida Hospital physicians encourage anyone with symptoms of adrenal cancer to seek medical attention immediately.


Locations for Adrenal Tumors