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Adrenal Tumors

Statistics for Adrenal Tumors

Since the risks, causes and cure for adrenal tumors are still unknown; statistics on adrenal cancer and tumors are important figures to consider for further as scientists look for solutions. For patients, knowing adrenal cancer statistics can help them stay informed about the health care options they have available to them.

Take a moment to review just a few of the statistics on adrenal cancer below:

  • There are two types of adrenal cancer: cancers in the cells of the inner gland and the outer gland.
  • It is more likely to develop cancer in the outer gland than the inner gland.
  • Adults between 30 and 50 years old are at the highest risk for adrenal cancer along with children younger than 5 years old.
  • Adrenal cancer is rare with only about 500 new cases per year.
  • Not all adrenal tumors are cancerous. In fact, the vast majority is benign.
  • Most of the time, adrenal tumors and adrenal cancer are found while testing for other conditions.
  • After surgical removal, there is an 80% chance the cancer will return within five to 10 years.

For more facts and statistics on adrenal cancer, contact Florida Hospital specialists today. We can help review your symptoms and diagnose your condition.

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