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Statistics of Adenocarcinoma

To stay informed about your medical care, it’s important to know statistics on adenocarcinomas and other cancers to make informed decisions about your health and screening. These are only a few of the facts you should know:

  • Prevalence of adenocarcinomas is high. This type of cancer is one of the two most common categories of cancers.
  • Not all tumors are malignant. Benign tumors rarely become life threatening.
  • The American Cancer Society reports that over 95% of colorectal cancers are adenocarcinomas that begins as a polyp in the intestine.
  • The chance of developing cancer increases with age. For instance, 9 of 10 patients with colorectal cancer are over 50.
  • Smoking and excessive alcohol have proven to increase your risk of cancer throughout your body.
  • Stomach cancer, usually an adenocarcinoma, is oftentimes asymptomatic

Perhaps the most important statistics on adenocarcinomas prove the importance of periodic screening and early detection. Don’t wait to start a regular schedule of screenings. 

Locations for Adenocarcinoma