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Conditions Related to Adenocarcinoma

Many conditions related to adenocarcinomas affect patients before, during and after treatment. As with any medical procedure, there are risks that should be considered before undergoing surgery or therapies.

Complications with radiation therapy and chemotherapy can cause scaring, weakness, nausea and other conditions. Also, bleeding, anemia and other complications can arise from surgery.

Besides treatment complications, other conditions related to adenocarcinomas can be mistaken for cancer or show similar symptoms to cancer. Benign tumors are one of the most positive conditions related to adenocarcinomas. Most tumors discovered in the body are not cancerous. Benign tumors are usually not life threatening and do not cause medical issues.

Getting screened for cancer is the only way to know if a tumor is cancerous or a symptom indicates a malignant tumor.

Locations for Adenocarcinoma