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Florida Hospital System

Wellness Services


Florida Hospital is dedicated to improving lives not only in Central Florida, but also around the world. As a destination hospital, we are committed to serving the health care needs of our patients with a holistic approach to heal the mind, body and spirit. The doctors, nurses and staff at Florida Hospital use the acronym CREATION Health as their guiding principle in the care and treatment
of patients. Each letter of CREATION stands for an important aspect
of overall health and healing:

  • Choice is the first step toward making the right choices contributing to health and healing
  • Rest reminds us to get the appropriate amount of sleep and relaxation, so critical to the health and healing processes
  • Environment outside our bodies affects what takes place inside
  • Activity includes the various forms of physical activity which keep our body healthy, but it’s also the spiritual and intellectual activity which contributes to holistic health
  • Trust is the important relationship between spirituality and healing
  • Interpersonal relationships nurture our well-being
  • Outlook colors our perspective, influences our health and affects the treatment of disease
  • Nutrition reminds us that we need to fuel our “physical” with the right type of food, our “mental” with the right type of stimulation, and our “spiritual” with the right kind of reflection

Health Performance Strategies

Health Performance Strategies is a wellness driver created by Florida Hospital designed to partner with professional organizations in establishing and sustaining a culture of health and wellness. Our comprehensive four-phase structure is based upon world-class medical expertise and more than a century of experience, providing hope and healing to our community. The goal is to empower participants to live more fulfilling and productive lives by embracing the eight guiding principles of CREATION Health: Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal relationships, Outlook and Nutrition.

Patient Experience

Florida Hospital’s Patient Experience Culture Assessment is an in-depth analysis of an organization’s culture. Through observations, interviews and data analytics, an assessment is completed to discover the degree of meaningful interactions, aligned processes and a healing environment. Leveraging the evidence-based patient- and family-centered strategies that have been implemented throughout the Florida Hospital system, our team of clinical and non-clinical experts provide a customized patient- and family-experience plan to meet the needs of our partners.