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Florida Hospital System

Global Partnering

Florida Hospital is an acute-care, not-for-profit healthcare organization. We are part of a larger, comprehensive network of faith-based hospitals within the Adventist Health System. For more than a century, Florida Hospital has been committed to the people of Central Florida. Our success has been achieved through a multidisciplinary approach: providing medicine by giving each patient the care and information to take charge of their health through prevention, wellness and education.

We are one of the nation’s premier hospitals in all major areas of medicine, but the Florida Hospital difference is to focus on the whole-person — mind, body and spirit. It’s more than just a commitment to healthcare — it’s a commitment to whole-person health.

Global Partnering Vision

Florida Hospital’s vision is to become a global leader providing highly advanced, faith-based healthcare. Nested within this vision, the Florida Hospital Global Partnering strategy seeks opportunities to partner with and exchange ideas, research and techniques on healthcare issues and approaches. We look to collaborate with governmental and non-governmental entities, healthcare industry partners, physicians, researchers and academia. And we build partnerships that contribute to collaboration and business opportunities.

Our development of dedicated clinical-service, single-specialty facilities are known as specialty hospitals. These facilities are not within the walls of our full-service hospitals but are stand-alone facilities, such as Florida Hospital for Children and Florida Hospital for Women.

A Center of Excellence designation recognizes medical programs that have demonstrated a track record of favorable patient outcomes. To earn a Center of Excellence designation, the program must undergo a series of site inspections during which all aspects of the program’s processes are closely examined and data on health outcomes are collected. Once the designation is made, the program agrees to continue to share information to advance the healthcare industry forward. 

Global Partnering Future

For more than 100 years, Florida Hospital has met the healthcare needs of the Central Florida community. As we move toward the future, Florida Hospital Global Partnering will contribute to meeting the healthcare needs of the global community by partnering with others from the international and business communities on how to best improve access, reduce costs and provide better care. In this way, we will continue to improve, while methods of healthcare — and healthcare costs — are changing in a new environment.

If you would like to learn more about the Global Partnering Program, call (407) 200-9257 or email at